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    Yutaro Kumagai
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Ultrafine hardness measuring device

Fifth generation nano indentation inspection tool「ENT」
By reducing external disturbance within the measuring environment we achieved high quality data result's.
Being domestically produced in Japan made it possible for a familiar GUI compensating for a wide range of measuring from 0.5μN ~ 2,000mN
Acrylic is used for the windshield. By reducing the C surface finish, we were able to withdraw the likeness of acrylic giving a glass like finish.
By combing two types of blue smoke acrylic and transparent acrylic we were able to see and remove any air bubbles that formed when combining the two materials together.
Giving the user a clear view when working the device.
We also took into consideration regular maintenance when designing the parts and handles.
The motif for the logo of ENT-5 is inspired by it's main feature the「load displacement cube」.
Placing a curve within the geometry is an attempt to express this product’s features as a graph.