• Client

  • Release Date

    Apr 2022
  • Designer

    Yutaro Kumagai / Yuki Nojiri
  • Photos

    Chiya Uryu / EANO CREATION / YD

Fire pit for one’s quality time

For this fire pit we were responsible for the integrated branding, design, packaging, PV and website for the beautiful outdoor brand
[AUTEC CAMP], which pursues functionality, durability and storage.
[COOK PIT] is a fire pit aimed for solo campers to enjoy.
It is lightweight at 850g, compact and is designed to be folded down to a A4 size.
Easy to manoeuvre and can manage long and thick firewood.
The slanted charcoal bed improves combustion performance and the slits, which bright red-burning wood peek through, serves as an air intake.
When set up with the special trivet, you can enjoy boiling water on the cooker or cooking in a skillet.