• Client

  • Release Date

    Apr 2022
  • Designer

    Yutaro Kumagai
  • Photos

    Chiya Uryu / EANO CREATION / YD

All to enjoy a good cup of coffee

For this coffee dripper we were responsible for the integrated branding, design, packaging, PV and website for the beautiful outdoor brand
[AUTEC CAMP], which pursues functionality, durability and storage.
[DRIPRO] is a coffee dripper that can achieve high drip performance in outdoor environments.
The ribs, which have been made possible by Japanese craftsmanship are to precisely represent the
shape of the beans,which help to ensure that the coffee is extracted without any cloying in taste.
The drip assistor is marked with a scale and ribbed to prevent hot water spills.
The legs have a corrugated design to accommodate for various cup sizes.